For the automotive finance industry, gives you the most effective way to diminish your delinquencies, track vehicle location, history reports, parking behavior, easy account dashboards, starter disable, collection tool & DMS integration

controlIt by ITURAN is the most advanced vehicle GPS tracking & a must-have for every Vehicle Finance Company & Lender.
With customized tracking & reporting, ability to observe vehicle’s history reports & unique dashboards, giving you the assurance that your vehicles are always under control & within sight.

We’ve designed controlIt with your needs in mind. Our proprietary technology lets you determine not only the current locations of your vehicles, but also act on any suspicious activity to prevent loss. controlIt changes the way you think about collection, recovery & skips.Your vehicles are the key to your business success; don’t settle for less when it comes to protect your portfolio!

Additionally, you have the added peace of mind knowing that our highly trained, dedicated & professional customer service team is available online & via telephone 24/7/365 to answer your questions. Our technical support team is here to assist your installers with wiring information & will walk them step by step until the installation is completed

DMS Integration

The integration with our DMS partners offers added value to our mutual clients.
The dealer can access the GPS tracking device & features both through our website as well as their DMS platform. Integration also provides the opportunity to automate commands based on the dealers’ business rules


Customer Service Center

You have the added peace of mind
knowing that our highly trained, dedicated
& professional customer service team is
available online & via telephone
24/7/365 live customer service
to answer your questions

Technology that
has been time-tested
& deployed worldwide


Largest nationwide
coverage area

Reliability & accuracy you
can depend on

Instant & accurate
GPS location shown
on Google maps

(map view, satellite view & street view)

location sent
from the GPS
unit every 25

Locate any
vehicle from your
mobile app


via Text
Message or


Allows you to automate
collection tool commands,
access vehicle locations
and send commands to
vehicle from the DMS

Smart Starter
disable &
Remote engine

Protects you & your
clients from getting stranded
in remote areas

Vehicles can be
assigned to sub-users
for vehicle location

Allows certain users, like repo agents,
access only to certain vehicles

Desktop / Mobile or Phone activation process to ensure quality of installation. Air time starts only upon activation

location requests
with each unit

Easily transferable
to another vehicle

High quality of hardware allows you to
reuse the GPS units time & time again


You’ll be alerted via Text
Message or email when
the vehicle moves in/out of 5
predetermined areas

landmarks to alert
if vehicle is at
a Tow Yard/Auction
or competitor lot

Dashboard Reports

Collection Tool

provides you with account
snapshot of the portfolio
collection status

Dashboard Reports

Device Diagnostics

Provides you health report of
your GPS portfolio – how many
units has installation issues,
no GPS, tampered with etc.

Dashboard reports

Device List

A full list of your GPS
portfolio includes all vehicle
date & GPS status

behavior report*

Significant stops are presented in this
report to assist with STIP verification,
collection efforts & eliminate skips

Internal Backup Battery in every device

Power loss message sent via Text Message or Email to alert power is lost

(provides power after main source is lost due to tampering or dead car battery)

Tow alerts

via text message
email, or scheduled
report if a vehicle is
being towed

Collection tool

(payment reminder)

Reminds your customers when
they are late to submit a payment

Bankruptcy mode

Allows you to suspend GPS
based on BK status which
protects the dealer from wrong
doing & compliance support

Show all
portfolio on map

View all vehicles on the map.
Identify out of area clients

View top 5
parked locations
report & map

commands for
future date/time

Share vehicle
location from
the map to any
email or phone

Send location directly
to your repo agent

GPS, Cell, Vehicle &
Device battery status
with each location

Access your
account from your
mobile app for iPhone,
Blackberry or Android

to view location history
& send commands

Schedule reports
to be sent daily or
weekly via email

Manage your account
by exceptions

As a vehicle finance company/lender you want to protect your assets. controlIt by ITURAN designed specially with your needs in mind. When you have an ITURAN product you can rest assure that you are continuously cared for. At ITURAN our clients are our top priority!

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