Since 1995, ITURAN has been recognized as the global leader in vehicle GPS tracking

Also as asset protection, recovery & personalized customer service.

Our comprehensive suite of Products & services cover the full range for

Automobiles, Fleet Management, BHPH & Vehicle Finance Companies

We operate in a wide range of markets:




United States




South Africa








Throughout our history, we have been continuously improving & refining our proprietary state of the art technology, bringing to market innovative solutions that exceed our client’s expectations, all over the world

Why choose ITURAN?

Because we provide our clients the complete A to Z GPS tracking solution

We design & manufacture all our products

We install the GPS solution & sync it with our platform

We develop all our
web & mobile applications
& provide full support

We provide full
24/7 customer service

ITURAN is staffed by highly experienced, knowledgeable experts who
make it their business to know your business needs. They do so by
keeping abreast of the ever-changing technology, the continuous changes
& demands of businesses in order to improve our services & products.

We're protecting<br />the protectors.

ITURAN (NASDAQ: ITRN) has been the global
leader in wireless vehicle GPS tracking since
1995. Providing stability, reliability, experience
& superior customer service. Our globally
recognized company has been deployed by
numerous military operations & serves over a
MILLION customers worldwide. Its proprietary
GPS/GPRS technology provides customers
with 24/7/365 live recovery assistance for both
emergency & technical support

The company’s main products are designed to instill confidence in every customer


for the automotive
finance industry

Enables auto lenders to protect and track their assets


for fleet management

Designed for businesses
to effectively manage and track
their fleet


for the consumer sector

Allows consumers to track
their automobile, recover a stolen
vehicle & protect their family


for stole vehicle recovery

24/7 Real time recovery services,
you can recover your car if stolen

At ITURAN our customers are our top priority. We believe in providing the highest levels of personalized customer service. Our customers are able to contact our highly trained, dedicated & professional customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.

Our partners

ITURAN partners with some of the world’s most recognized organizations. A key factor that has set us apart and allows
us to continuously maintain our industry leadership position are the partnerships that we have in place with some of the world’s most
recognized organizations

we’re proud to be a member of these professional associations: